Colorado Cyber Games

The Colorado Cyber Resource Center (CCRC), a program of the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), was excited to announce the launch of the Colorado Cyber Games. This  new, unique competition is designed to help employers find vetted talent and help job candidates get connected with those employers. Other cyber competitions, or “capture the flag” style events require a set time and location, while our competition format allows you to complete weekly challenges from the comfort of your own home in a set submission window from the announcement on Friday at 9 AM to the following Monday at 5 PM MT. The Candidate Division is designed to create candidate-to-employer connections. The Professional Division is designed for good ol’ fashioned bragging rights. For both divisions, the winners took home a free year-long licenses to the CO Cyber Range to continue to develop their skills.

Competition Details 

  • Competitors will pay $10 to enter. For an entire month, they will gain access to the CO Cyber Range and the opportunity to complete weekly challenges. If you already have a license, entry into the competition will be free! 
  • On every Friday of the month at 9am MT, the CCRC will release a new challenge that the competitor must complete by 5pm MT the following Monday.  
  • The CCRC website will host the leaderboard to show the winner of each week’s challenge and the aggregate leader taking into account their scores from all 4 challenges combined.  
  • The CCRC website will host separate leaderboards for both the candidate and the professionals divisions. The candidate leaderboard will include results, the real first and last names of competitors as well as links to their resume, LinkedIn profile, any higher education affiliation, professional certifications, and the types of positions they are interested in. The professional leaderboard will include only first and last names and results. 
  • The winners of each week and the aggregate winner will get to keep their access to the CO Cyber Range for an entire year. 

Employer Benefits 

  • Reduced recruitment costs! Struggling to find talent? The leaderboard will be filled with potential candidates looking for a new position.  
  • Pre-vetted talent! Some companies want or need to be able to test technical capabilities as a part of the interview process. It will cost an employer $0 to look at our website and find talent to reach out to, talent that has already demonstrated the desired skills for their job openings.  

Candidate Benefits

  • Worried your resume is getting lost in the pile? Demonstrate your skills and show that you’re better than the competition. By participating in these competitions, you’ll get your name in front of employers who already know you have what it takes. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • We are looking for companies interested in sponsoring one or multiple month-long competitions to be held throughout 2023
  • Title sponsors will have the opportunity to share information about their company and list job postings above the candidate leaderboard. In addition, the title sponsor can choose the types of challenges so that the skills demonstrated in each weekly challenge match the skills required for their specific job openings.
  • White Hat and Service Desk sponsors will get to include their company logo and link to job postings on the leaderboard page as well.
  • All sponsors will have their information included in competition communications sent to registrants via email through each competition month.
  • Every level of sponsorship supports at least 1 free license to the CO Cyber Range for K-12 students in Colorado.
  • If interested or if you have any questions, please contact
  • Competitors will gain access to RangeForce on October 1 to start training. Access will expire on October 31 unless you purchase a year-long license.