Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Strengthening your cybersecurity - one person at a time

Cybersecurity awareness training is often difficult and expensive to implement.

However, we don’t believe it has to be and that’s why we created Cyber for Local Leaders. It’s designed specifically with local governments in mind – it covers the basics in an engaging and personalized way that can be customized to your division or department, and can be easily completed on employees’ time so it doesn’t inhibit workflow.

We cover:

* Deploying Multi-Factor Authentication

* Updating software regularly

* Passwords – how to manage and protect them

* Encrypting important emails and files

* Don’t click on things you shouldn’t (i.e. how to understand phishing)

In other words…Don’t Get DUPED.

We also touch on a few other topics like how to spot potential misinformation or disinformation, and how to maintain the physical security of important devices.

Employees can complete the training via a text-to-learn platform that allows them to select the time of day they receive a text with the day’s training material. 

They then receive one text/day for five days with an overview of the content ranging from a 2-5 minute read. 

We’ve included some additional tips from experts at Google, IBM and Microsoft to help drive the points home.