Identify your critical assets

prioritizing critical systems & assessing risk

Coming soon…

We are finalizing a tool that will help you to quickly determine your most critical assets and systems, which will help to prioritize security and recovery measures. 

Additionally, we will be sharing a tool soon that can help to quantify the level of risk to your organizations if/when specific systems are taken out. 

In the meantime, you can begin considering what your critical assets are by thinking through and documenting which systems support critical life and safety services (e.g. 911 dispatch units, police and fire systems), as well as systems that hold personally identifiable information for your residents that if compromised would have significantly detrimental consequences. 

By starting to list these systems out, as well as who oversees them and what the security protocols are for access to those systems, you will be setting yourself up to better determine how to prioritize critical systems for funding security measures, as well as identifying where to start if/when an incident occurs.