Take the Nationwide Cyber Review

NCSR Self-Assessment

The Nationwide Cyber Review (NCSR) opens October 1 for government organizations to use as a self-assessment in determining the level of ‘maturity’ with regards to cybersecurity efforts and protections. The assessment closes on February 28. 

Learn more about who should fill out the assessment, and other FAQs.

Access the assessment here. 

***The NCSR can be a big lift to fill out, so we have set up two webinars for Colorado state, local and tribal territorial governments to break down the benefits of the NCSR, and suggestions for the most effective and efficient ways to fill it out. The first webinar takes place on October 28 (11am and 1pm); the second webinar is on November 10 (11am and 1pm). Register for the webinars.*** 

Elements of the NCSR

The NCSR covers a variety of aspects of cybersecurity in your organization, including: 

  • Cyber hygiene practices 

  • Risk governance and management

  • Level of data security, and processes for maintaining security

  • Cyber awareness training in your organization

  • Security monitoring and detection capacity

  • Incident response capacity and planning

  • Cybersecurity tools used